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TRUSTcreator                                   California only

Our TRUSTcreator provides a simple, fast, and affordable process for the creation of a Revocable Living Trust.  Use the button below to begin. You will be directed to a Worksheet. Complete the form, press the "submit" button, and process pre-pay.  That's it.  The Attorney will contact you prior to drafting.

The Two Most Valuable Documents...Revocable Living Trust and Last Will and Testament.

The information you provide will allow us to create your Revocable Living Trust and your Last Will and Testament, also known as a PourOver Will.  Your Estate Documents are printed on Fine Parchment Paper, placed under protective covers and sent directly to you via First Class mail or Fed Ex.  You will also receive important information and instruction from the Attorney regarding your Estate Planning documents. 

Simple, fast, and affordable, for Simple Estates. 

If you prefer to schedule a consultation with the attorney first, we have made that easy too!  Press here to schedule a date and time most convenient for you.  BOOK NOW 



If you are unsure of whether a Revocable Living Trust would benefit you, you should proceed to create your Last Will and Testament now, here, online.  Once you submit the Willcreator Worksheet, if the Attorney believes you would benefit from a Trust, you will be advised and have the option to upgrade at your discretion, now or later. 

Creating a Last Will and Testament is quick and here

If your Estate Planning needs require a more comprehensive treatment, you will be notified.  It is important that your Estate Plan is customized to your individual situation.  For many people, this online  TRUSTcreator fits the need and provides a quick and affordable way to obtain the two most valuable Estate Planning Documents...a Revocable Living Trust and Your Last Will and Testament.



  • Quick and Simple
  • Pre-consultation with Attorney
  • Attorney Drafted
  • Legally Binding
  • Avoids Probate
  • Accurate/Affordable
  • Fast/Convenient
  • Includes Your Will
  • Parchment Paper
  • Protective Covers
  • Information Guide
  • StartToday










Unsure whether a Revocable Living Trust will benefit you? 

Answer the following questions:

  If you or your spouse passed away today, would you be uncertain as to what would happen to your assets?

  Do You own real property?

  Do you have minor children or other people who are dependent on you?

  If you were incapacitated, would your family have to go through court proceedings to carry on your affairs?

  Do you have children of a previous marriage?

  Do you own assets in your name only?

  Would you like to avoid probate of your estate?

  Is the total of you and your spouses assets large enough to create estate tax?

  Do you own property which has substantially increased in value since you originally acquired it, or which has been depreciated for income tax purposes?

  Are you unclear whether you could benefit from a Living Trust?

 If you answered YES to any of the above questions, fill out our Estate Planning Worksheet and submit it to us.  We will follow up with you.  Or, you can book your appointment directly by using our online calendar. 









  3 Ring Binder

  Index For All Important Documents

  Instructions for Trustees

  Transfer Letters Templates

  Place to Store Copies of Life Insurance Policies

  Important Information About Your Estate Plan      


If you decide to wait, and choose not to proceed with 


you should create your Last Will and Testament.  You need only answer some simple questions, and we will generate your Last Will and Testament for you, printed on Fine Parchment Paper with a protective cover and send it to via First Class mail or Fed Ex. 

Do not delay, create it today.



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