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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information you can talk to the Attorney...FREE toll free number.



Why Do I Need A Will?

A Last Will and Testament is an important part of any estate plan.  It is used to distribute property to beneficiaries and can be used to name guardians for minor children.  


Can I Change My Will Once It Is Created?

Of Course.  You can modify, amend, revoke or create an entirely new Last Will and Testament at any time.


Does My Will Avoid Probate? 

A Will does not avoid Probate.  If Probate avoidance is important to you, or if you are unsure, consult with the Attorney.  In the meantime, creating a Will now covers the basics for you and your family and can be amended if you decide to create a Revocable Living Trust at a later time.   We have made it quick and affordable.


Can I Still Create A Revocable Living Trust?

You can create a Revocable Living Trust at any time.  The Trust will include a Will identifying your Trust as the controlling document designating your wishes regarding the distribution of your property upon your death.


Can I Name A Guardian For My Children In My Will?

One of the important benefits of your Will is that you can designate a person you know and trust to be the guardian of your minor children upon your death.


Can I Transfer My Assets To My Minor Children In My Will?

Your Will can establish testamentary trusts to provide for your minor children upon your death.  You designate a person you trust to manage your assets for the benefit of your children through to ultimate distribution at certain ages as you decide.  For example: "Distribute 1/3rd of the net asset at age 21, 1/3rd at age 25 and balance at age 30."


Can I Cancel My Will?

Your Will can be revised or revoked at any time.  You should review your estate planning documents regularly to assess whether changes would benefit you and your family.


What Happens If I Do Not Create A Will?

Your assets will be distributed by operation of law instead of by operation of your wishes as outlined in your Will.  If you leave minor children, and the other parent is predeceased, the Court will name a guardian for your children.  Your Will can establish a guardian of your choice and designate who you choose to recieve certain property.


What Is The Cost To Create My Will?

We have created this online service to simplify and expedite the drafting of your Last Will and Testament.  This Affordable Drafting Service is designed to accommodate non-complex estates to create a Will at a reasonable cost.  Most people will fit this category.  You will be advised, based upon the information provided, if you would benefit from a Revocable Living Trust.  You will then be provided the option of upgrading at your discretion.  Keep in mind that all documents are drafted by the Attorney and you can always schedule a consultation at any time to obtain further information. 


What Is A Revocable Living Trust?

It is a document that describes how you want your estate distributed at time of death, and avoids probate if properly drafted.


What Other Documents Should I Consider Creating?

You should consider a Health Care Directive, or "Living Will", and a Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs.  For more information regarding these here.