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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information you can talk to the Attorney...FREE toll free number.



What Is A  Revocable Trust?

It is a document that describes how you want your estate distributed at time of death, and avoids probate if properly drafted.


Can A Revocable Living Trust Be Changed Or Revoked?

Yes.  You can amend, revoke, restate or intirely replace your Trust at any time.


What Is Probate?

Probate is a legal proceeding used to wind up a person's legal and financial affairs after death.  The proceedings are conducted in the Superior Court of California in the county in which the decedent lived and can take several months to complete.  It is also quite costly.


Does A Will Avoid Probate?

A Last Will and Testament does not avoid probate.  By creating a Living Trust, your property is transfered quickly and privately to your designated beneficiaries upon your death according to your wishes.  Avoiding probate is one of the benefits of a Living Trust, avoiding the costs and delay of lengthy, public probate proceedings. 


How Can I Avoid The Costs Of Probate?

One of the main reasons we created our online TRUSTcreator was to provide you with a quick and affordable process that allows you to obtain a Revocable Living Trust now.  One of the main reasons people tell us they want to create a Trust is to avoid the costs of probate.  A Will alone will not avoid probate.  Your Revocable Trust created here will include a Last Will and Testament, also called a PourOver Will.  The PourOver Will identifies your Trust and states that your assets should be distributed according to the provisions of your Trust.


If I Have A Trust, Do I Still Need A Will?

Yes.  However, the Will serves to identify your Trust, and states that you desire your assets to be distributed according to the provisions of your Trust.  Your PourOver Will states that any asset not titled in the name of your trust should be transferred to your trust and that your wishes should be carried out according to your Trust.


What Is The Cost Of Creating A Trust With TRUSTcreator?

We have created this online service to simplify and expedite the drafting of your Revocable Living Trust and Last Will and Testament.  This Affordable Drafting Service is designed to accommodate non-complex estates to create your Trust and Will at a reasonable cost.  Most people will fit this category of "non-complex estates."  You will be advised, based upon the information provided, if you would benefit from our comprehensive services.  You will then be provided the option of upgrading at your discretion.  Keep in mind that all documents are drafted by the Attorney and you can always schedule a consultation at any time to obtain further information.


How Long Does It Take To Create My Revocable Living Trust?

That depends on the complexity of your Trust.  The Attorney may need to contact you prior to drafting, for clarification of further information.  However, most often we can complete the drafting process within 24 hours based upon the information you have submitted using our Worksheet.  Once completed, the documents are mailed to you via First Class Mail, or Fed Ex. 


What Other Documents Should I Consider Creating?

You should consider a Health Care Directive, or "Living Will", and a Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs.  For more information regarding these here.


What Is Included In The Comprehensive Estate Plan Package?

You can choose our "Comprehensive Estate Planning Package" and work directly with the Attorney who will consult with you and create all of your Estate Plan Documents.  The package includes the following: 



  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Certificate Of Trustee Power
  • "Mini" Certificate
  • PourOver Will
  • Living Will/Health Directive
  • Power of Attorney
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Transfer Deed (optional)



  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Information About Your Trust
  • Instructions For Successor Trustee
  • Executive Estate Binder
  • Original Documents Covers
  • Set Of Duplicate Copies
  • Family Video Estate Gift (optional)
  • Follow Up Consultation



You will have access to the attorney to answer any questions you may have regarding your estate plan package, at no additional cost. Creating a family video message as a part of your estate plan transfers family history and will be explored on an individual basis which can be created as part of your estate package.




Can I Consult With The Attorney Directly?

You can schedule an appointment with the Attorney at any time.  We use online scheduling that allows you to access our calendar and choose a date and time most convenient for you.  We have added early and late time-slots for convenience to those who work 8-5.  Simply press the "Book an Appointment" button below.


How Do I Book An Appointment With The Attorney Directly Online?

Simply press the "Book an Appointment" button below.  


How Do I Get Started?

Click the Trustcreator Button.  You will be directed to our Worksheet.  Complete online and press "Submit."  You will be directed to paypal for prepayment.  You may prefer to download the worksheet and fax or mail it to us.  Upon confirmation of payment, the Attorney will review your information and may contact you prior to drafting.  Your Revocable Living Trust and Last Will and Testament will then be drafted, printed, placed under protective cover and mailed to you via First Class Mail, or Fed Ex. 

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