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What Is Probate?

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Probate is a legal proceeding used to wind up a person's legal and financial affairs after death.  The California Probate proceeding is handled in the Superior Court for the county in which the person lived.  It can be very costly, and take several months to complete. 


How Do I Avoid Probate?

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Establish a Revocable Living Trust here.


Can A Living Trust Be Changed?

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Yes. Your Revocable Living Trust can be amended, revoked or revised at any time as long as the changes are formalized writing.


Do I Still Need A Will?

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Yes.  However, your Will, which is included in your estate plan package, serves as evidence that you have a Revocable Living Trust.  This will is called a "Pour Over" will which identifies your trust as the document into which your assets were, or were meant to be, transfered.


What Is Included In The Estate Planning Package?

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  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Certificate Of Trustee Power
  • "Mini" Certificate
  • PourOver Will
  • Living Will/Health Directive
  • Power of Attorney
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Transfer Deed (optional)



  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Information About Your Trust
  • Instructions For Successor Trustee
  • Executive Estate Binder
  • Original Documents Covers
  • Set Of Duplicate Copies
  • Family History Video Estate Gift
  • Follow Up Calls with Attorney



You will have access to the attorney to answer any questions you may have regarding your estate plan package, at no additional cost



What Is The Cost Of Creating An Estate Planning Package?

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Costs vary according to your specific circumstances.  You can call for a pricing estimate. Typically, for example, a married couple with minor children and a home, requiring no tax planning provisions, would cost $1,800.00.



Can I Provide For My Minor Children?

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Yes.  Establishing a Revocable Living Trust is an excellent way to provide for your minor children in the case of your death.  Testamentary trusts can be established that identify a trustee of your choice (relative or special friend) who will manage your estate for the benefit of your minor children until they are old enough (you set the age) to receive their estate.


What Is A Living Will?

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An Informal Health Care Directive.


How Long Does It Take To Create My Estate Plan?
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Once your information is gathered (we streamline this process through secured online services), reviewed by the attorney, and any follow up conference held if necessary, a draft of your Estate Plan Documents will be prepared usually within 5-7 business days. If your plan is complex, it may require the scheduling of further consultation.  Once the drafts are approved, we print the final documents on Fine Parchment paper, meet for execution, make a duplicate copy set for you, prepare your Executive Estate Binder, complete with duplicate copies, index and instructions which will be provided to you upon completion.  This whole process usually takes 7-14 business days.  You will then have free follow up consultation available to you at any time to answer any questions you may have. 


How Do I Get Started?
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Easy.  Download our Estate Planning Worksheet and/or book an appointment today on the attorney's calendar by clicking the "Book an Appointment" button below.

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