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Joan A. Watters, Esq. is an experienced California Estate Planning and Personal Family Lawyer. She has also realized extraordinary success in appealing and overturning Family Law orders as a practiced Appellate Attorney.

"I appreciate the many referrals I receive from clients and peers alike.  I have modeled my practice to provide one-on-one service, getting to know client's needs and providing the best solutions and options, with a goal to maintain good relationships, foster positive feedback and enjoy my practice providing legal services to families."



Joan A. Watters, Esq. has successfully overturned several judgments and orders. (See "our cases") Joan aggressively approaches the argument and strategy on appeal.  When it comes to appeals of family law or probate orders in California, Joan's clients rely on her to provide the best possible appellate representation and arguments before the California Courts of Appeal.  

Joan has been involved in a wide range of subjects on appeal, including probate guardianship, child custody, spousal support, child support, and constitutionally protected due process abuse.  Joan takes pride in the fact that as an appellate attorney she has extensive family law and civil litigation experience at the trial court level; invaluable trial experience in court gives her a distinct advantage over adversaries and competing law firms.  With superior research and writing capabilities, Joan A. Watters has also scored major victories in law and motion in the trial courts. 


Joan is also a well recognized Estate Planning Attorney and a respected Family Law practitioner.

Because good Estate Planning is important for you and your loved ones, Joan focuses on the needs of families, creating safeguards for the future, business and disability planning, and asset and liability protection. Joan wants you to know you have made the best decisions for your family, and that your estate plan will work when it is needed most.  Joan offers a multitude of client-centered services including a special document storage system which allows you and Joan to easily and securely store and maintain important documents as well as vital health and asset information for secure and convenient retrieval.

Healthcare Information When You Need It Most

Regardless of where you are, Joan can arrange for you to have your healthcare documents and medical information at your fingertips. In the event that you require immediate medical care, especially when being treated at an unfamiliar hospital, you or your loved ones can simply present the attending physician with a specialized wallet card. This card lists allergies, medications, emergency contact information and instructions on how to obtain all healthcare-related documents such as a living will, healthcare power of attorney and organ donation forms. Hospital personnel will have access to your important nfo, allowing them to view only your healthcare-related documents. By providing caregivers access to your vital medical information, you can help prevent hospital errors which occur all too often when treating new patients.

Your Documents… Everywhere You Are

In addition to storing medical information, Joan gives you the option to store your most important documents for easy and secure retrieval anywhere at any time. With access to a computer, you can securely view all of your stored documents in one convenient location.

Security and Privacy

Joan's secure architecture, similar to that used by banks for online transactions, creates an ideal platform for transmission of sensitive documents. HIPAA-Compliant SSL connection assures a high level of security and privacy.

*Consultation and Estate Planning services limited to California residents, or for cases within California Jurisdiction.





"Joan has helped our family protect our business and provide for our children as she has expertly guided us through our estate planning needs.  We have peace of mind and confidence." Steve and Linda  L.

"I have been needing to do my estate planning for some time, and now Joan has helped me find peace of mind.  She has prepared a comprehensive plan and provided me with a very nice Estate Plan Binder holding a copy of all my important documents.  I highly recommend Joan."  A Avila.

"Joan Watters is an exceptional lawyer, adept at mediation, litigation, and has my strongest personal recommendation for anyone seeking legal counsel... read more....



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